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FIFA 2010 cheats

Welcome to our page dedicated to PS3 FIFA 2010 cheats and tips. This is a PlayStation 3 game and was made by for the Sony PlayStation3 videogame console.

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Game Advice and General Tips


Shooting Boots (bronze): During 1 Arena Kick-about, You Need To Make 5 Goals.
Off The Woodwork (bronze): During A Match, You Need To Score Off The Post Or Cross Bar.
Camera Man (bronze): Go To Ea Sports Football World And Upload A Video.
Hard Earned Win (bronze): With The Game Set On A Professional Difficulty Or Higher, You Must Play A 1/2 Star Team Online And Defeat A 5 Star Team.
Grind It Out (bronze): With The Game Set On A Professional Dificulty Or Higher, You Must Play With 10 Men Online And Win A Match.
Cup Upset (bronze): With The Game Set On A Professional Difficulty Or Higher, You Must Play With A 1 Star Team And Win A 16 Team Tournament.
Wheeler Dealer (bronze): Playing In Your Manager Mode Career, You Must Purchase A Total Of 50 Players.
Good Friend (bronze): You Need To Create A Goal For Your Friend Using A Cross.
Well Travelled (bronze): You Must Win In Every Single Stadium In The Game.
Total Control (bronze): You Must Win A Match With The Settings Switched On To Manual With Zero Assistance.
Top Of The League? (bronze): Enter A Friends League And Win A Match.
Photographer (bronze): Go To The Ea Sports Football World And Upload A Screenshot.
Lounging Around (bronze): Enter In A Single Lounge Mode Match, Make 25 Points, And Win 5 Badges.
A Star Is Born (bronze): Create Your Own Virtual Pro.
Around The World (bronze): Use A Specific Team And Play A Match On Every League In The Game.
Underdog (bronze): Use A Team Weaker Than Your Opponent As You Compete In A Head To Head Ranked Match Online And Emerge Victorious.
Experimental (bronze): Use A Different Team As You Compete In 5 Consecutive Head To Head Ranked Matches Online.
Looking Good (bronze): Go To Ea Sports Football World And Download Your Game Face.
Recognise Anyone? (bronze): Go To Ea Sports Football World And Download Your Club Member Game Faces.
Window Shopping (bronze): Go To The Fifa 10 Store.
Theatre Of Dreams (bronze): You Need To Upgrade To Level 10 In Stadium Manager.
Phoenix From The Ashes (bronze): Start With A 2 Star Team In Manager Mode And Turn Them Into A 5 Star Within 5 Seasons Or Less.
Good Form (bronze): Enter 5 Consecutive Head To Head Ranked Matches Online Without Losing.
Practice Makes Perfect (bronze): Enter Practice Mode And Work On Your Skills.
Challenging Schedule (silver): Enter A Manager Mode Season And Complete It Without Simming A Game.
Real Fan (silver): Play The Game Beyond 50 Hours.
Always Available (silver): Enter The Be A Pro: Seasons And Complete An Entire Season Without Simming A Game.
Team Player (silver): Enter The Play A Pro Club Championship Match As A Full Team With 10 Players.
Skilled Pro (silver): While Playing Your Virtual Pro Character, You Must Unlock The 100 Ea Sports Football World Accomplishments.
Double Champs (silver): While Playing In Manager Mode, You Must Compete In Any Top Tier League And Win Consecutive Titles.
Clmbing The Ladder (silver): While Playing In Manager Mode With The Same Club, You Must Win Consecutive Promotions.
No Pressure (silver): While Playing In Manager Mode, You Must Achieve 100 Percent Confidence From The Board Playing Any Club.
Globetrotter (silver): Compete In All 5 Major European Leagues (england, France, Italy, Germany, And Spain) And Win All Titles.
Limited Resources (silver): Play A 1 Star Team Or Lower In Manager Mode And Win A League Or Cup.
Ton Up (gold): Enter In 100 Online Classic Ranked Matches And Win All Of Them.
The Treble (gold): In 1 Manager Mode Season, You Must Win Up To 3 Trophies.
Established (gold): You Must Achieve A 5-star Ranking As A Manager.
Football Legend (platinum): You Will Get This Trophy Once You Have Unlocked All Other Trophies In The Game.

There Are Four Other Secret Trophies In The Game:

Secret Trophy (unknown): Unknown.
Still Practicing? (bronze): In One Arena Kick-about, You Need To Make 20 Goals.
Good Support (bronze): Play Your Favorite Team In An Online Team Play Match.
Gutsy Call (bronze): Play As A Team Considered Weaker Than Your Opponent In An Online Head To Head Ranked Match To Extra Time.
NOT TESTED on a PS3 by Damizz, a FIFA 2010 PS3 Cheats Senior Detective (level 89) on our Cheat-Squad.

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