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White Knight Chronicles PS3 PlayStation3 Playstation 3 PS 3

White Knight Chronicles

Welcome to our White Knight Chronicles website.

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White Knight Chronicles website

Create your own unique character and uncover the mystery and tragic story of the White Knight in this RPG from acclaimed developer Level 5.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for White Knight Chronicles including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what White Knight Chronicles looks like, cheats for White Knight Chronicles and gameplay tips too.

White Knight Chronicles is a Sony PlayStation 3 Strategy RPG game, written by Level 5.

Guide to White Knight Chronicles on the PlayStation 3

White Knight Chronicles has been heralded as the ultimate next-gen RPG to come out of Japan, such that there was a massive amount of hype surrounding the title leading up to its release. But there is a lot weighing on this JRPG title developed by Level-5 Studios, especially with the scarcity in JRPGs that is truly capable of delivering strong gameplay formula and a potent story, given that the Western RPG counterparts have been improving its performance by the day. White Knight Chronicles must then dig deep beneath its deepest crevices to deliver up to its ambitious goals.

If you avoid tackling games that come with overly serious undertones, then White Knight Chronicles will appear very well to you. It comes with an unexpectedly lighthearted approach, both on the story and gameplay. But that does not take anything away from White Knight Chronicles such that there are various elements that make up an exciting whole. The game world is a mix of medieval and sorcery, wherein the titular White Knight will contend with a wide range of enemies as the character is possessed by an ancient warrior spirit that enables this transformation.

White Knight Chronicles follow a lively band of characters that is led by a young man named Leonard in an effort to save a princess from her mysterious assailants. Leonard can transform into the giant white knight, especially when he's garnered enough Action Points, but they are best reserved for the boss fights or when meeting overpowered foes. This ability in White Knight Chronicles is very useful during combat given that your enemies could also transform into giant creatures. The story is powerful in its incorporation of character design, pace of action, and the general atmosphere. However, the unveiling of the character's secrets and motivations in White Knight Chronicles need some polish since the initial three parts of the story develop quite nicely, but the game has trouble wrapping it all up in the end. In fact, it reveals all the character connections in one blow at the end, such that gamers are often left shocked at the turnout of events, instead of happening in a gradual yet natural pace.

Upon entering your adventure in White Knight Chronicles, one of the first business to address is player customization. The character creation feature in the game is highly detailed and very precise in each aspect of the character features. You can tweak the physical features (such as hairstyle, voice, skin color, size, etc) to your liking, or you can even create your own likeness. That avatar is amusingly used during Story Mode in White Knight Chronicles that help contribute to the level of immersion to be experienced in the game.

The fighting style employed White Knight Chronicles is responsible for producing as much fun as gamers have experienced out of it. Everything happens in real-time, such that you are free to basically do whatever you want to your opponent during a combat sequence. A few quick button presses will do the job. You can cycle through various attacks on your controller and then press the circle button to execute them. The end result of this loose approach on fighting is a flexible combat system for White Knight Chronicles that is effective yet not stiff. With a customizable fighting approach, you are sure to enjoy the game however you like.

The Action Point and Action Ring are two vital components to the battle system in White Knight Chronicles. The Action Ring replaces the traditional ATB system, such that you have to wait for the ring to be completely filled before you can execute a command. The charging speed of the AR depends on the type of equipment you equip your character with. Your Action Ring slowly charges when you use more powerful weapons and thicker armors, to even out the battlefield for a bit and add excitement to the action in White Knight Chronicles. On the other hand, Action Point in White Knight Chronicles is responsible for executing combos, weapon skills, and transformations. Therefore, you need to responsibly use it such that you have it available when you need it most.

The combo attacks serve as the linchpin to the White Knight Chronicles system. The best part of all is that you have the ability to create your own combos by combining close or long-range attacks, aerial moves, mid-air executions, or normal slashes into a single yet powerful combo that will surely deliver some damage. In addition to choosing from a vast selection of commands and moves, you can also assign each one names such that you can incorporate that into your move-selection menu in White Knight Chronicles. If you can properly execute these combos, the hits that you can generate can be weighty and will enable you to tweak your battle strategy quite successfully.

Quests are another huge part of White Knight Chronicles' gameplay since it will enable you to gradually increase your rank. The more promising quests though are available in the online and multiplayer part of the game. Although White Knight Chronicles is not yet quite up to par with an MMO or a truly definitive co-operative game, it does enable you to access multiplayer-specific missions that will take you all over the map. There is room for up to 5 gamers at once taking on these missions that you can access through the personal lobby space. Then, you can personally invite your friends to join you or you can let strangers jump into the action. The best feature with White Knight Chronicles' online play is that it is completely independent from the single player game, although you can access items and experience from your single player when you play online. Even when you're not playing with human gamers though, the teammate AI in White Knight Chronicles does a pretty decent job of keeping up with human-controlled players.

As is expected of any JRPG, White Knight Chronicles stand out for its visual style and action game sequences. The general look and feel of that game appears clean and crisp, which is further highlighted by the hardware capability of the PS3. Each character were well designed to produce unique personality and the evidence of the high quality work really does help to boost the game's overall performance. The impressive graphics stand out most in terms of the giant monsters and knights that you will face off against in White Knight Chronicles.

The audio for White Knight Chronicles is not entirely breakthrough, but it succeeded in reinforcing the overall atmosphere for each map set in the game. The voice acting too is something that is worthy of being commended for. But the highlight on the audio department for White Knight Chronicles has got to be the detailed sound effects, such as the flow of the wind, the stomping sound that giant monsters make when they step against the ground, or the clicking sound product when you try to slice through an armor.

For all the inevitable difficulties that the developers went through during the development of White Knight Chronicles, the overall presentation of the game is fun and satisfying. However, critics believe that some polish still has to be done in order for the game to be categorized among other epic RPGs that has been around in the industry for a while. But White Knight Chronicles would certainly make a great addition to your RPG collection for the PS3, especially for hardcore fans of the genre.

White Knight Chronicles Game Features

* Become the White Knight Transform into the giant White Knight, gaining the ability to battle various enemies throughout the adventure.

* Full Character Customization Using a wide array of options, create a unique character in White Knight Chronicles. This customized character will also represent you in your online experiences in the game.

* Combo Battle System Engage in an easily accessible, active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels.

* An Online RPG on the PS3 Experience an RPG game on the PS3 that incorporates a variety of robust online gameplay elements.

Have You Played White Knight Chronicles on the PS3?

We would love to hear what you thought of White Knight Chronicles after playing it for at least a day. Your view will help other PS3 owners decide if they should buy White Knight Chronicles. click here to send us your PS3 White Knight Chronicles comments.

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