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The king of automotive combat is back for its first appearance on the PS3!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Twisted Metal including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Twisted Metal looks like, cheats for Twisted Metal and gameplay tips too, a dedicated chat forum to swap views and ideas with other gamers.

Twisted Metal is a Sony PlayStation 3 Action Shooter game, written by Eat Sleep Play.

Guide to Twisted Metal on the PlayStation 3

Most often than not we are ashamed to tell others about our guilty pleasures, especially if we know how badly we are enjoying them. Throughout the years, Twisted Metal has always been that kind way for many gamers, and for me, that clown with perpetually flaming head who drives an ice cream truck is still cool.

So when I heard a new installment of the game is coming out for PS3, I anticipated how much this old arcade gameplay will develop from all the modern influences around and how much it improves the whole formula of the game and push it to new exciting places. But unfortunately, it isnít the case. Twisted Metal may have done little things to transform things up and takes the safer approach for its PS3 debut.

This time around, Twisted Metal puts more emphasis on its story, opting to go more profound on three characters rather letting players see the storyline play out for each driver. Itís common for Twisted Metal gamers to just remember how dynamic the characters were, tournament of death, held by a mystic, wish-granting wizard, making it as one of the most fascinating video game narratives of all time.

There are three plots in the story mode, starting with Sweet Tooth of course, then moving on to Mr. Grimm and lastly to Dollface. Each story in the game is delivered with cheesy cut-scenes and dramatic and often theatrical voice-overs, and includes some matches presented by the excessively enunciating Calypso.

Variety of in events is one good thing about the game, because aside from the common death match games, the game included some unique challenges, such as the Electric Cage and the Juggernaut. The former is a survival type of game, where drivers must move from quarantined areas of the map Ė if youíre outside the appointed spot, a timer will run down and you will start to lose health as soon as it expires. This event features a lot of huge, heavily-armored truck that throws out enemies at regular intervals. The goal is to destroy the Juggernaut and all the remaining enemies in the battlefield to win.

Every map has a garage and a roaming semi-trailer that dispenses health to aid every driver, and in every game, you will have three various vehicles at your disposal. When low in health, you can drive into the garage to swap vehicle, look for the semi-trailer and pick up health or look for health globes somewhere. Those vehicles that remain unused throughout the event will also regenerate health back over time.

The biggest improvement in the very first Twisted Metal PS3 is undeniably the environments, which are enormous and well-built with destructible objects. Thereís a particular level in the game, a small suburban neighborhood, is one of the best examples of how environment improves the overall gameplay. If your enemy is hiding behind a house for example, you can knock it down by firing rockets or simply driving through it. Well, thereís nothing better than driving and crashing houses and ramming hiding and unsuspecting opponents, waiting to regenerate some energy or waiting for their special attack to respawn. Destroying the entire neighborhood isnít bad a thing to do, either.

Though Twisted Metal can be quite frustrating than fun when playing solo, the upside is that it is still an explosive game to play with other players. The online Twisted Metal mode for example, features a lot of game modes, significant XP to earn and a lot of stuff to unlock. Thereís so many things going on, from independent skirmishes overflow, and you become less of a focus in multiplayer mode, thus you donít need to drive upstream in a river of rockets to get anywhere.

But as soon as you get that good combination of your group together, with a balance of aerial and ground vehicles, Twisted Metal becomes really fun to play, regardless of the game mode. The online set is pretty basic, including elimination modes and team-based deathmatch. Hunted mode is another interesting mode to play, as you earn points by killing the designated targets and kill as the target. Aside from these, there are really not much things that transform multiplayer as we know it, but things work well to highlight the core strengths of the game.

The moment you purchase Twisted Metal, do yourself a favor. Finish the single-player story, unlock some things, and then head online to with/against other human beings. You will never regret it.

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