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Jackie Estacado returns in this FPS game set two years after events in The Darkness.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for The Darkness 2 including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what The Darkness 2 looks like, cheats for The Darkness 2 and gameplay tips too.

The Darkness 2 is a Sony PlayStation 3 Shooter game, written by Digital Extremes.

Guide to The Darkness 2 on the PlayStation 3

Despite a few negative reviews, The Darkness 2 is a fine-looking, hand-drawn game developed by a team with imitative dreck such as Dark Sector and Pariah long time ago. The surprisingly impressive and realistic voice acting is perfectly paired with dazzling art direction right on from the “last time on The Darkness” reintroduction.

But despite of its impressive game’s art style and voice acting, it has not been easy to mold a marketing-driven preview session to some technical aspects. Which is the case for most of what’s so good about The Darkness 2, events and experiences that don’t fit right onto a enumerated list.

The thing that will intrigue gamers the most is the situation of Jackie in the psych ward. Did the guy really lost his mind, is the quad-manipulating world of this mafia boss only a psychotic vision? Or is he really Jackie Estacado, the mafia boss and the ward is just one trick of the game – the mysterious force that lives in his mind for both good and evil? The moment you find yourself questioning these things to yourself is the very moment that the game is winning you over. The concept of eternal darkness is playing in your mind with all your expectations and beyond Jackie’s conceivable reality are enough reasons to get you hooked in this game.

In the middle of surreal story and quad-wielding murder sprees, you will be given agency to play as Jackie to explore his entire upscale mafiaso apartment, which permits you with optional conversation with different thugs. The state of Jackie’s crib and dialogues all adds up to the occasional reminders of your place in the arc of the whole story. Reminding you of how depressing things get, and there’s a close relationship between that apartment, mafia members therein and the story’s progression. The fewer the people left in the apartment, the more you get to “saving Jenny.”

Just like other games, your “Jenny” is of course in another chateau, or should I say ‘castle.’ Jenny’s role in The Darkness 2 however, is more of existential, as she was brutally murdered in the previous installment of the game. Her relationship with Jackie will conflict to your objectives, as she’s obviously the carrot that has been dragging the mafia leader along. Often times you will find yourself disagreeing with Jackie, but don’t worry, as he won’t agree with many other folks either.

The quad-wielding is actually fun rumple in the combat, the same goes with the few rare moments where you can’t hold back Jackie’s impudent and sassy British friend, the Darkling. The former meet most of its functions in the game, while the latter occurs rarely, which is not particularly thrilling.

You may also find your self surprised of Jackie’s murderous potential, despite of the game’s attempt to educate you early on. Maybe until you start firing hundreds of bullets to anyone stupid enough to attack you.

There’s a progression tree tied to help you gain experience and keep combat evolving as Jackie find himself going against different types of enemies. As you progress, Jackie will learn to take on several enemies all at once, taking on their hearts for q quick health power up. The game will also feed your hundred for fighting, as new levels and game plus opens up as you finish the main campaign.

There’s also a co-op mode known as “Vendettas” which provides another gameplay for gamers looking for more fighting and violence, allowing four co-op teammates (both online or lan) to team up and complete an action-packed mission for Jackie. As cracked up as the concept might sound, this mission puts you to the main story of the game, and explaining you some vague issues. You will also receive some rewards with more great voice work on its main campaign.

Unfortunately for this part, the fighting is not as exciting as it should be. Each character can carry the Darkness, and though each player or co-op partner has similar special abilities, none of them are Jackie. Meaning none of them have that ‘four arms and be omniscient.’ Fighting can be really fun, that’s for sure, but it is never quite as fun as fighting in a place full of bad dudes and throwing people around easily the way Jackie does.

The Darkness 2 indeed surpasses its predecessor, despite the fact that it’s made by a different developer. It’s a FPS with a good story, something you don’t really see nowadays for its kind. It may not fit neatly to marketing campaigns, but that’s what makes it more endearing to play.

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