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Supremacy MMA website

Supremacy MMA brings the brutality of unsanctioned, amateur and unlicensed MMA fighting to the PS3!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Supremacy MMA including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Supremacy MMA looks like, cheats for Supremacy MMA and gameplay tips too.

Supremacy MMA is a Sony PlayStation 3 Fighting game, written by Kung Fu Factory.

Guide to Supremacy MMA on the PlayStation 3

Supremacy MMA is the newest brawler/fighting game introduced by Kung Fu Factory to Sony's PS3. Although EA and THQ has produced some of the best and most popular brawling titles into the industry for the past decade or so, this one should not be set aside as a mere alternative as it is proving to be quite a competitor in the genre. In fact, as the title arrives this September, it is packing a lot of punch that will make you a bit queasy but no less satisfied at how raw the action can get. Once you are able to spend some time with the game, then you will find out for yourself what this game really has to offer.

The first aspect that you must look into with Supremacy MMA for the PS3 is get accustomed to the controls. Blocking is one of the tougher aspects of the control to get familiar with. When you are standing up, it is difficult to figure out how to execute the block properly. This can be a daunting problem for gamers especially how important a block is with a brawler action. Without a powerful blocking capacity you could be easily taken down by your opponent and become a subject of vicious blows.

It is noticeable how the developers had increased the level of brutality with this sport to make it more enticing to hardcore players. There is even an arcade influence with this game, which also adds up to the level of excitement to this game. Don't expect to find sick knockouts or broken bones every single time, however. Some matches can end up pretty badly, leaving you to squirm on your seats but this is merely a realistic recreation of what you would mostly find in an MMA matchup.

The fight itself has a two-dimensional appeal to it and you have to control the left and right stick in order to make your fighter move all over the octagon. You can then use a different button to perform a side-stepping movement. You have to keep an eye on your fighter's stamina level thoughout and make sure to use your energy wisely while on the ring to ensure that you are using it to weaken your opponent, not the other way around. You can also try out some of the attack combos available in the game to cause real damage, sometimes even to finish off your opponent. It might take a while before you can master the more complicated combos but it will be worth it investing time to master them because it will cause a lot of damage.

Supremacy MMA also showcases its gaming sensibility quite clearly, such as the classic health bar shown at the screen. Once your health bar is totally consumed, then you are out of the fight. This is a very simple concept to remember once you let your fighter step into the ring. In a number of MMA titles out there, it is possible to take out your opponent with submissions but you won't find that here. Instead, they are merely used as a powerful ground move and can therefore be integrated into your overall fighting strategy. It is all about performing the right moves or combos with a special finesse at the right time that can make a huge difference. Be warned though that there will be rapid position changes when you are on the ground and make sure you quickly get up in order to cope with the next set of attacks.

The visual appeal of PS3's Supremacy MMA is also another aspect that is worthy of praise. It is clear the motives of the developers when creating this game and they wanted to make this game seem more brutal, which is really basically about realism. As more violent hits are landing on the fighters' faces, you will notice how scars develop on their faces too. On the other hand, if the fighter is getting hits on their body, then you will see bruises and other deformities appear on specific target areas. There is that realistic appeal that make it very satisfying to play.

Players will be able to find a number of fighters to choose from hailing from various MMA organizations. What makes this game unique, however, is the inclusion of female MMA fighters (yes, you read that right). Supremacy MMA is the first to include 2 of the top female fighters in the sport today, Felice Herrig and Michele Guiterrez.

The career knockouts in Supremacy MMA is something that players need to explore more of. In case you were able to execute a powerful finishing move, then you have the possibility to cripple your opponent for good. Some players will find this an unsettling situation but it felt real and that is what makes this game really work! If you are the squeamish type, then this game is absolutely not for you.

All gamers who wanted to try their hands on Supremacy MMA can opt to complete the 20-minute tutorial included in this game. This will explain to you the basics of all moves and other features to use in this game. If you can master all of these elements, then you might find that this title can outdo other bigger titles in this genre.

Supremacy MMA Game Features

EVERY FIGHTER HAS A STORY. Play as MMA Legends Jens Pulver and Jerome Le Banner- or an upcoming fighter as you scrap your way from obscurity to SUPREMACY.
TOUGH-AS-NAILS GIRL FIGHTERS. This is the first MMA fighting game to include real-life female fighters. Play as MMA Stars Felice Herrig and Michele Guiterrez as they prove there is a place for women in the world of professional MMA.
INDIVIDUAL FIGHTING STYLES. Brutalize opponents with a true array of martial art styles, such as Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and many others.
UNDERGROUND MMA. Engage in underground MMA bouts, fight clubs and street fights around the world in a variety of unconventional locations, such as strip clubs, prisons, slaughter houses, abandoned warehouses, and various MMA stadiums

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