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Two top fighting franchises collide!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Street Fighter X Tekken including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Street Fighter X Tekken looks like, cheats for Street Fighter X Tekken and gameplay tips too.

Street Fighter X Tekken is a Sony PlayStation 3 Fighting game, written by Capcom.

Guide to Street Fighter X Tekken on the PlayStation 3

We all have those good memories from the early installments of Street Fighter games, where our brother's Vega seems so invincible against our Dhalsim in a pixelated fighting. With every loss became the time to hand the controller for the next gamer in line, and depending on the number of gamers were over; we develop a sort of cheering section. These impromptu parties are our memories of those good old days with our siblings and friends of arcade fighting games, and it's quite good to know that Street Fighter x Tekken is trying to relive those moments.
The best thing about this game is that, it brings together two of the biggest names in fighting game franchise on the market, creating a vast, varied cast. Tekken heroes have been given the Street Fighter 4 treatment, making an artificial, nearly cartoonish look. Animation of the characters seem like they're all ready to party.
For quite some time, fighting games have been more and more alienating. Gamers are required for more commitment, had to ask and read stuff in intimidating online community forums, and deal with imminent incomprehensible slang, things that are just very unwelcoming to people trying to break into the genre.
The controversial Gem system adds more color to the gameplay. If you struggle pulling off those combos, complicated and highly damaging moves, then you take those easy Input Assist Gem, as it simplifies attacks for minus 10% damage. There are four available options at the start, each of them has reasonable disadvantages that will provide newcomers a good fighting chance, but surely won't break the game.
For more experienced gamers, there are a big number of customization options around the Gem system. You think Ken don't hit that hard? Try using an Immense Power Boost Gem; this gives a 10% damage boost for 20 seconds as land 5 normal attacks. There are also other Gems for speed and defense bonuses. The idea of this Gem system is to balance the playing field while giving all players the freedom to customize their characters in specifications they want or need. Basically, this customization is something strangely welcoming for a fighting game that's always been about balance and inflexible rules.
However, the hardcore depth of classic fighting fans loved is still there. With two characters tagging in and out the fight, there's a lot of opportunity to explore, from wild and crazy combos and team dynamics that will keep the message board of for chats. With all game modes available online, including the training mode, players will have easier time to work out the twists and turns of their skills. Those days of sitting along, practicing combos in player two's uncontrolled fighter is over, as it's now replaced by sparring with buddies.
One of the most intriguing additions in the game is the Pandora mode. This mode unlocks when both characters of a team is below 25% in health. This gives a player chance to sacrifice one member of his team to empower the other. It's a kind of a last-ditch push, which is quite risky, can be very exciting, especially if you're able to pull the right tricks on your sleeves.
There are countless of unwritten rules that apply in fighting games as a genre, one of the major rules is that, no matter how good you are in a particular characters, there will always be someone that can completely take you out of your game, destroy you and make you feel embarrass for what you though you are.
But if you truly love gaming, you will not let that defeat discourage you. And when you know that big challenge is coming, you can always prepare for it, which is the reason why you need to watch some Street Fighter X Tekken combo exhibition out there. Learn from those techniques and improve your game, after all, Mortal Kombat though us, 'knowledge is power.'
Since Street Fighter x Tekken is bringing two different worlds together, it's certainly a welcoming game for fans of both sides. While the Tekken heroes have the Street Fighter fighting style of special attacks, many of their basic movements and mechanics are pretty much the same. Gamers who are used with the four-button style of fighting will feel more than welcome in this wild, rival-based world.

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