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The hit snowboarding game is reborn on the PS3!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for SSX including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what SSX looks like, cheats for SSX and gameplay tips too.

SSX is a Sony PlayStation 3 Board Racing game, written by EA Canada.

Guide to SSX on the PlayStation 3

Much like its predecessor on the PlayStation 2, the franchise just took another giant leap with the SSX this 2012 on the PS3.

As soon as you master at least one of the three control variants (or all three), before jumping straight into mountains and snow with your wingsuit (yes, I said wingsuit), you can do 1080 Switch Tailgrabs even in five minutes!

Before we dig deeper, allow me to take you back to the SSX’s original name – SSX: Deadly Descent. Yes it does sound like a brand of a sadistic deodorant, but make no mistake about it, as it does include nine major mountain ranges in SSX, each mountain has its own ‘deadly descent.’ It’s like having a boss fight nearing the end of every act, but of course, on a snowboard.

Snowboarding in SSX is easy to learn, and you can even get on the board and perform your tricks without any instructions. Your sloppiness with the controls may give you some more deliberate maneuvers and then develop some mastery. Through mastering combinations and retrying levels with built-in rewind buttons (you may get penalized with your points and time, but truly worth it), gamers will be able to perfect the way across the terrain, not to mention the tricks that can be done through the air.

Unfortunately, your mastery means nothing in many unannounced areas of the main campaign. Versus AI that seems perfect in their every jump and courses that fall apart in huge chunks, SSX may seem flat cheap from time to time. The fun part lies on mastering every turn in the track and looking for the best line through steep descents for maximum points is worn when areas are pitch black and are littered with pure dropoffs. The nine major drops can be easily frustrating and requires some repetition and agonizing playthroughs to pass and hardly brings any fun to the experience. The good thing about this however is that the developers of SSX may understand how frustrating it can be, as they offer gamers a chance to skip the level and proceed to further consecutive deaths (and yes, I am referring to the nine “deadly descents”).

The good thing is, other systems will aid gamers in fulfilling continued focus on becoming a better snowboarder. Bringing in significant points from good combo tricks means substantial speed boost for racing, and you know that speed boost means bigger and higher jump for trick levels.

The game also allows you to improve your arsenal by being able to equip Team SSX all with new suits, boards, mods (essentially buffs) and other equipments and an in-game currency system (which can be converted into real dollars, should you decide) infuses each feature of the game. Despite the fact that the customization system seems badly underused in the campaign game, it shines nicely in the online aspect of the SSX.

You can also upgrade individuals from their levels and equipment. You can improve them from variety of speed, boosts, armor, tricks, and gliding bonuses, not to mention all the spiffy new boards and equipments available as you progress (from armor, ice picks, wingsuits, etc.).

In main campaign mode, you may find yourself offered with a lot of less useful stuff. There can be plenty of “rare” items around, so make sure your character is fully equipped before getting into the online snowboard warfare.

Instead of having a straight head-to-head online mode, this game has an intricate social network system for tracking your data against other players online, as well as global leaderboards and rolling global challenge events (visit NFS: Hot Pursuit’s Autolog). There is also well-ordered persistent aspect, thanks to its “geotag” feature which accumulates into in-game credits, while waiting to be found by other competitors online. If no one finds it, then you’re good at hiding stuff.

You don’t make character in SSX, but you have good options from aggressively dreadful characterizations. There’s the surfer that looks like a supoermodel by day and extreme sports enthusiast by night, cool surfer dude, etc., each is just more ridiculous that the last.

There’s a good promise in SSX’s franchise, especially in their treatment with extreme sports genre. Unfortunately, this one is too much wrapped with X-Games ’98, punctuated with infuriating moments. With a good base, I’m hoping that their next SSX would be much better.

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