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New combatants such as Ezio Auditore join in the never ending battle between good and evil for possession of the Soul Swords.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Soul Calibur V including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Soul Calibur V looks like, cheats for Soul Calibur V and gameplay tips too.

Soul Calibur V is a Sony PlayStation 3 Fighting game, written by Project Soul.

Guide to Soul Calibur V on the PlayStation 3

Automatically, gamers who had been fans of the SoulCalibur franchise will think of SoulCalibur 5 as midpoint between the SoulCalibur 2 and SoulCalibur 4, as movement is tighter and more controlled (like the SC2) and mechanics of fighting offers more of a complex system (much like the SC4). On the other hand, meter used in SC5 is more in line with modern fighting game forms, which are relatively easier to come up and use right away.

Next to your character’s health bar is the “critical gauge,” it fills up each time you hit with your attacks or while on defense, and can be spent to either Brave Edge moves or Critical Edge moves or Guard Impacts, a mainstay skill in the franchise since its very first installation. Brave and Critical Edge on the other hand, are obviously adds more sophisticated and satisfying coat of strategy to SoulCalibu 5, but there are also lots of improvements in its straightforward gameplay, which are relatively welcome add-ons to the game, even if activating Brave Edge mode of an attack looks much less elegant than its similar systems in other games such as Mortal Kombat and Super Street Fighter 4.

Changing Guard however, switched from being a skill you can do any to something that needs mater feels contrary to expectation. This obviously limits the player’s ability to cast the skill, reducing their character’s efficacy in the battle while improving its strategic importance for a more challenging gaming experience. Aside from that, Namco Bandai also introduced a system called “Just Guarding” and it works almost exactly like Guard Impacting in the previous games of the franchise. BY blocking you opponent’s attacks and immediately release block button, the player will hold its ground and ‘just guard,’ and this defensive move nullifies major attacks, such as stun skills.

The less recognizable side of the roster is built with some new characters – together with the hidden dagger antics of Ezio from another popular RPG Assassin’s Creed, and also six unlockable characters which range from Edge Master (Mokujin plagiarists), Algol from SoulCalibur 4 and the mask-wearing Kilik. While these three random character styles kind of looked like a way around compared to the increasing headcount of characters in Super Street Fighter 4, the 5 new characters offer some solid match-up diversity in the game.

Patroklos and Pyrrha (son and daughter of Sophita), are introduced in the game’s new Story. The two face off against the likes of Voldo and Maxi as they learn the history of the warring swords. The 20 chapters of the game puts more emphasis on narrative rather than gathering weapons and/or getting into some special fight conditions, which is quite a set-back considering the heritage of series’ Edge Master Mode. Though you can practically beat its saintly boss in as fast as three hours, it is the linear story that is most enjoyable about the game.

The relief in Quick Battle and Legendary Soul will give some gamers looking for substance in solo player mode. The first part is quite similar to Tekken’s Dojo mode the way it imitates an online lobby by giving one-on-one showdowns through custom-made characters. These AI opponents are tiered from painlessly easy (E5) to ridiculously challenging (A1) opponents, and by playing against them in turn, you can get as much as 240 different titles, including Solid Man, Farting Baron and Door Knocker is Back. Also, when you beat the devil Jun pranks of Katsuhiro Harada, you will get the Mishima Style Master title.

Put the difficulty up into 11 and you will get the boss rush that fights you against the strongest characters in the series – such as Cervantes with his Soul Edge and Sigfried with the Soul Calibur. The slightest mistake will turn you into a punching bag, and though it’s a little more manageable than equal SNK paddling, diehard gamers should take substantial contentment in passing the test.

SoulCalibur 5 strives to please its different audiences. Casual fans of the franchise will surely be in awe with its sheer beauty, while hardcore RPG enthusiasts will surely appreciate the development and changes in its fighting engine. Gamers who are looking for more explosive fighting may get disappointed with its scarce game mode selection. But you can always look into its character creation mode to keep yourself busy.

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