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This eighth installment of the Silent Hill franchise returns with an all new thought-provoking horror storyline.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Silent Hill Downpour including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Silent Hill Downpour looks like, cheats for Silent Hill Downpour and gameplay tips too.

Silent Hill Downpour is a Sony PlayStation 3 Action game, written by Konami.

Guide to Silent Hill Downpour on the PlayStation 3

Silent Hill: Downpour brings back all the good (and not bloodcurdling) memories from Silent Hill games and relives the expectation as one of the best horror/thriller game franchise. This game sends out its protagonist Murphy to a familiar town, where he finds himself surrounded with creepiness and all sorts of treacherous puzzles. Producer of the game Tomm Hulett says this installment of the franchise is not just about revisiting the familiar setting of the old titles – as the game tries to hook some new fans as well. In a recent interview, Hulett said that Downpour is a sort of modern game for old loyal fans of the franchise and kind of mainstream for new fans. "Because you need to keep those classic elements but you need to make them interesting for people who are used to Dead Space or Red Dead." Hullet said in a recent preview event.

For that Silent Hill: Downpour offers some new things to the table, both making sure the new game don’t fall short to its loyal fan’s expectations and allow new players to experience the frightening fun too.

There are certain times during the game where Murphy will get free run of big sections of town. Like most games in the franchise, the antagonist has this big town to explore, making gamers feel like it’s real and they’re inside the game. However, unlike most of its predecessors where you couldn’t get in any buildings, Downpour opens up some in the game, allowing you to get some more sense of exploration. You can do more things than exploration, as the game has been modernized a bit, giving gamers more things to do in the form of “side quests.” You can get sidequests from entering certain buildings. In one example, there’s an apartment there where you can find a thief in repentant who hung himself. He’s got some cache of items which he stole from other tenants, and you can go replace those items in their right places for a reward.

What’s in it for you? Well as we know, Silent Hill is a horror game, and it’s normal for a horror game to not give a lot of resources to its player, so completing some sidequests can give you some boost. It could be a health pack, box of ammunition, a shotgun, etc. Shotgun is a pretty effective weapon in dealing with monsters though. Some rewards can also unlock some “title screens,” giving you access to new features from the main menu or new videos.

Downpour also brings back the good old puzzles, and much like its predecessors, this game has some really cool puzzles to solve, making things more interesting. Puzzle difficulty can also be set, and if you set it hard, you won’t get many on-screen hints or objectives, say, where to use or return lost items. But well of course, if you take note of the items you’ve picked, you most likely have an idea what they’re for and where to use them.

Opening world up of the game will also show you some new features; it includes a dynamic rain system, allowing the game to go through series periods of relative calm and then into full-on rainstorms, living up to its title “Downpour,” making it very atmospheric. Rain acts like a signifier, if it’s raining hard, you will encounter more monsters, and they will be more difficult to handle. This new feature gives more sense of fear in the game, as you will constantly find yourself looking for new weapons and finding shelter, things you really need to do in Silent Hill.

The last element – “otherworld” is much improved in this game. Places and things may have the same layout in the real world and otherworld, but there are more rooms that can be unlocked in the Downpour, and things get creepier, stranger and nightmarish from layout to atmosphere, and you will find yourself wondering where to go next and don’t have any idea of what’s around the next corner.

The walls are lit with spooky red; they shift, turn and even stretch as you walk through large room with pipes stretching around overhead. There are also touches of the original environment, but it’s easy to distinguish your connection to the world where you were once in.

With all of its new additions for better explorations, sidequests and the rain, and developments of the game’s unique characteristics such as puzzles, idea of otherworld, etc. Silent Hill: Downpour brings the old back to the new. Graphics may not that awesome, but as we all know Silent Hill takes pride from its atmosphere and great story line.

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