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Resident Evil 6 website

Resident Evil 6 promises yet another dramatic, frightening experience blending action and survival horror.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Resident Evil 6 including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Resident Evil 6 looks like, cheats for Resident Evil 6 and gameplay tips too.

Resident Evil 6 is a Sony PlayStation 3 Action Shooter game, written by Capcom.

Guide to Resident Evil 6 on the PlayStation 3

Resident Evil has unofficially made zombie killing a surefire formula for gaming success. No doubt, the franchise started this phenom and from there several other zombie-killing games have emerged. As Resident Evil 6 arrives on the PS3 this October 2, Capcom is confident they can re-capture fans as the struggle continues within this survival-horror world and the threat of bio-terror looming on its heroes. At the same time, the sixth edition to the famous franchise introduces an all-new game functionality that will raise the level of gaming.

The entrance to Resident Evil 6 is no less than dramatic as it combines action and survival horror into one. This will, after all, open up a new chapter as far as gruesome zombie killing and fighting action is concerned. Two characters from previous iterations will be reprising their roles on this one, namely Leon and Chris. Meanwhile, new characters will be joining those two as they try to let go of Jake Muller's umbrella corporation.

There are three new story threads introduced in Resident Evil 6, alongside an all-new Crossover mechanic. This particular mechanic will enable players to work with each other in fighting mutating humanoids. As the T-virus threatens to spread throughout the rest of the world, nobody is safe anymore. In fact, several parts of the world had been infected by the virus and the clock is ticking... fast.

Resident Evil 6 offers two types of campaigns for its long-time fans: single-player and two-player coop. You can explore both types of campaigns offline or online, whichever suits your playing preference best. This also helps to add some interesting twist into your playing experience such that you can crossover from one type of playing environment to another. At the same time, it offers more spine-tingling scenarios waiting to be explored.

For those specifically looking at playing multiplayer, Capcom ha confirmed Agent Hunt as the new multiplayer mode in Resident Evil 6. This will give you the opportunity to terrorize human players as you immerse into the role of J'avo, the zombified human. However, this multiplayer mode will become available only after you have finished the main campaign.

The enemies, the deadly zombies, featured in Resident Evil 6 have acquired a new skill that has made them more deadly the ability to run! Hence, you can't depend on your own running skills to evade them. Also, they can now wield and use weapons or even jump at players at will. Enemies are no doubt more repulsive and varied this time out. Hence, even the most experienced Resident Evil gamers will have a tough time beating the enemies on this one.

Thankfully, the creators of Resident Evil 6 have handed players a few options in buffing up their attack, too. First off, you can customize apparel and equipment so you can also boost your weapons and stats. A few of the vehicles featured in the fifth edition of Resident Evil will also be available on this newest iteration, plus a few others. Variety is the name of the game in the new Resident Evil since you can now ride bikes and snowmobiles, on top of the usual vehicle choices.

Also making a return in Resident Evil 6 is the Mercenary Mode. This is mainly because of the success of this mode in past games that the developers decided to bring it back. However, they made sure to introduce a few changes on the control scheme so you can move while shooting at your enemies simultaneously.

As the story for Resident Evil 6 has gone on a global scale with the virus infection spreading all over the world, the localized voice over lends more realism into the storyline. Indeed, you can expect to hear voiceovers in various languages including Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian,
and Brazilian, to name a few (and with English subtitles, of course!).

As you can see, there are lots to look forward to in Resident Evil 6. Everything that you loved about the franchise are back (although slightly upgraded) and then some more. Hang on for another thrill ride in this survival-horror game that started it all.

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