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Rayman goes back to his platforming roots and brings both friends and enemies for the ride!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Rayman Origins including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Rayman Origins looks like, cheats for Rayman Origins and gameplay tips too.

Rayman Origins is a Sony PlayStation 3 Platform game, written by Ubisoft.

Guide to Rayman Origins on the PlayStation 3

Rayman Origins is a game that is bound to be unique on its own. And this year, as it heads on out to the PlayStation 3, fans are keeping their hopes up on a promise of game that will deliver unbridled chaos. What with four players trying to tackle the Rayman Origins game on their PS3, this is bound to happen eventually.

The easiest way to describe Rayman Origins for those who haven't tried playing this game before is something that is an upgraded version of New Super Mario Bros. However, the character abilities has been slightly enhanced to cope up with the more difficult enemies you'd have to face in the game. You will be tasked to control Rayman in Rayman Origins for the PS3 wherein you will be joined by three other friends Globox, and the two teensies. You can therefore work together as a team as you make your way through the awe-inspiring game world that was created by the developers. Indeed, the game world in itself looks like a hand painting with all of the excellent tiny details sticking out.

Aside from the game world itself, the action also takes center stage in Rayman Origins. The fun thing about the gameplay for Rayman Origins in the PS3 is that there is a twist. For the most part, you will play cooperatively with the three other friends you are working with. However, there is also a competitive aspect to them as you would have to race in collecting the coin-like items found all over the game world. If you can collect the most number of coins, you will earn the highest score for that particular level. To put it simply, you win that level over your friends!

Playing Rayman Origins on your PS3 therefore promises to be a lot of fun! You have various opportunities and decisions to make as to how you should approach the game. You can help your friends or grieve them it is all up to you! It is easy to get confused though knowing how easily the action can get thick. Plus, the zooming action of the camera enables you to get an upclose look into the action.

However, the confusion of having four characters to deal with in the game of Rayman Origins is made up for by the ability to resurrect your teammates when they die. This is another one reason why the game is one of the most fun you'd ever play on your PS3. Dying in this game simply means finding yourself blow up like a bubble. You must wait for a teammate tag you back in so you can return to the game. Another advantageous feature of having these four players tag together is that they can all occupy the same space so there is no need to worry about finding an ideal platform to stand on.

The idea of Rayman Origins being a mere knockoff of Wii's Mario is quickly gone by the time you are able to take in all of the pretty visuals featured in this PS3 game. All of the levels featured in the game are also surprisingly complex that offers lots of chaotic fun as you had to traverse them together.

There are also permanent abilities that you must earn when playing Rayman Origins, which is the same mechanic as the previous game. Some of the abilities underline the stages that you would have to go through such that you have all of the abilities you need to survive each stage in the game. Some of the abilities that Rayman possessed in this PS3 title include sliding down hills with relative ease, shrinking, among other things.

There will come a point wherein you will encounter stages in the future for Rayman Origins wherein you lack the skills needed to overcome certain obstacles. Hence, you would have to go back and replay the game in order to earn the skill needed to complete a certain obstacle. This will help increase the length of your playing hours and at the same time boost the replay value of the game. However, that is not the only incentive to getting these skills as they would also come in handy when you enter into a boss battle in Rayman Origins.

You must obtain numerous collectibles in the world of Rayman Origins. Thus, you need to find all of the chests and collectibles that are situated in various parts of the game world. It makes an innately challenging game even more challenging since now you have a lot of things to keep track of. Whatever your idea of a fun game is, Rayman Origins for the PS3 seem to epitomize that. If you want a casual gaming experience that offers complete fun, you should be on the lookout for this game!

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