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Electronic Arts and Critereon bring the Need For Speed series back to its roots with Hot Pursuit for the PS3!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for NFS Hot Pursuit including , an article detailing all of it's main features, screenshots to show you exactly what NFS Hot Pursuit looks like, cheats for NFS Hot Pursuit and gameplay tips too, a dedicated chat forum to swap views and ideas with other gamers.

NFS Hot Pursuit is a Sony PlayStation 3 Car Racing game, written by Critereon Games.

Guide to NFS Hot Pursuit on the PlayStation 3

Fans of the Need for Speed series were probably itching by the time Electronic Arts revealed that a new game is going to be released from the series. After all, the franchise has suffered from a major lull following 2005's Most Wanted and was not revived until the release of NFS: Shift last year. One of the most exciting aspects about the all new NFS Hot Pursuit (set for release November 16 and 19 in the US and Europe, respectively) is the fact that Criterion Games, developers for the Burnout series, have taken over the development reins on this one.

Blackbox handled the development for last year's Shift, but Criterion opted to take one a different approach with Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The name might suggest that it will try to bring back what the traditional NFS games have offered in the past, but don't be deceived. They promise to offer a massive overhaul that will supersede earlier releases from the franchise. And as early as now, fans are being revved up for yet another adrenaline-pumping high speed racing experience!

The world of NFS Hot Pursuit is going to be reminiscent of Criterion's Burnout Paradise as it will be an open world racer. Thankfully, the game world is very expansive, which gives incentive to players for trying to enjoy that open world racing experience to the hilt. You can therefore choose from one of two sides – the cops or the suspects. Each role you take will offer their unique set of game modes to play such that you can enjoy maximum action behind the wheels. Either way you choose, the developers promise that you'd be in for the ride of your life!

As with any racing game, the most important area to consider would be which vehicles you can race in. Criterion is well aware of that, having several years of experience developing racers- they know how vital the vehicle is in the quality of the gameplay experience. Some of the popular vehicle models that were featured in earlier demos for the game, which include a Lamborghini, Reventon, and a Murcielago. To complement the wonderful vehicles you'd be racing in, the racing venue and courses are also another important component of the Need for Speed Hot Pursuit experience. Due to the focus on an arcade style of racing, you can get comprehensive venues with one offering up to 11 miles of area. Another one is believed to be modeled after the famous Pacific Coastal Highway such that you can get a breathtaking glimpse of the ocean and mountain cliffs while you pass it by. You can expect the environment won't be a boring drawback to the racing action since it also renders more drama and spectacle to the entire gaming experience.

Because this is supposedly a “Hot Pursuit”, you'd be intoxicated with the exhilarating sense of speed there is in this game. There are no exaggeration in the developer's claim that you will be racing through the streets and courses in the game with blistering speed. That is further amplified with the nitrous boost in speed. The ability to race a cop is indeed one of the most notable points in NFS Hot Pursuit. Both the racers and cops will therefore get the opportunity to ride in exotic cars in this game, which you have the ability to customize their paints and styles.

One notable game mode in the PS3's Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is called Interceptor. In here, the racer will break through a police barricade, wherein a chase ensues soon after that. The cops will reprise its spike strip weapon in this game, but they have many others to choose from such as an EMP blast that will immobilize the opponent. The police can also ride their chopper and be able to track down the location of the racer such that you literally cannot get away. It will surely be a fun prospect for anyone who chooses to play on the right side of the law.

But if you want to be on the outcast side, the racers will also have their own defensive weapons in Need for Speed Hot Pursuit to even up the playing field. There is a radar scrambler that could mess up the cop's radar such that they will have difficulty locating where you are. Both the cops and the racers can recharge their weapons when needed such that you can expect a fiery exchange of weaponry until one party breaks down.

The experience system in NFS Hot Pursuit is dubbed Bounty, which will facilitate in the leveling system for each player. You can use this as an incentive for overcoming opposition, maxing out your speedometer, and showing persistence in both online or offline play. A unique Autolog feature in this game will enable players to race in any area they wish, then their performance statistics will be automatically updated such as your number of Bounty points or whatever achievements you have achieved for bragging rights. This is one way to encourage friends to play this game together and wherein you can enjoy lots of social features such as scanning your friends' list, updating your stats in real time, or uploading your own photos in the game.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for the PS3 is surely a contender in the racing department with its blistering speed that does not suffer any visual hiccup. Fans of the NFS series will add another one into their long list of memorable entries into their collection and Criterion's experience with the Burnout franchise pays off in the development of this title.

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