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Criterion brings the open world of Burnout Paradise to the Need For Speed franchise. Time to race!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Need For Speed Most Wanted including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Need For Speed Most Wanted looks like, cheats for Need For Speed Most Wanted and gameplay tips too.

Need For Speed Most Wanted is a Sony PlayStation 3 Car Racing game, written by Criterion Games.

Guide to Need For Speed Most Wanted on the PlayStation 3

The racing genre has seen franchises come and go. But among those that had survived and continue to wow its avid gamers is Need for Speed. The first ever game off the franchise came three years before Gran Turismo did and yet it remains strong in the market today. And with Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Criterion Games will be handling the development duties. This development team has worked on Burnout and Hot Pursuit before, so they know the makings of a successful racing title.

Many would say that Need for Speed: Most Wanted looks like a successor to Burnout Paradise; but the truth is, it has more to offer than that. There is a pretty decent selection of vehicles to drive around in NFS' latest installment. One of them is the Porsche 991 and it is quite a lot of fun to drive. The level of realism in the damage mechanism of the vehicle is quite impressive. As you are driving around town on your vehicle, you can see damage adding up to the vehicle body with every hit or bump you've acquired, or every time you go crazy hitting traffic lights and light poles.

But that is just half of the fun because Need for Speed: Most Wanted is all about the police car chases, thus the name. In case a cop catches you doing any of these juvenile stuff, they will go after you and the chase ensues. You will be forced to drive off road in order to lose them on your tail and this vehicle is able to effortlessly glide along various kinds of terrains. In most cases, your speed will send you flying through the air and this is a thrilling moment. If you're lucky, you might be able to spot one of few hidden super cars in the game. If you can get to one, it will speed through the road like a tornado, making it impossible for the cops to get to you. There are also repair shops that you'd spot along the way and you can drop by one to improve your run.

The car handling is also impressive in terms of its realism according to the type of car model you are driving. This is where Criterion Games had done a really good job with PS3's Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Every car handles differently. But knowing the arcade experience of the developer, you can expect a more arcade type of gameplay approach on this one other than a driving simulator. However, this helps to add more excitement and increase the fun factor in the game. The idea of driving up to 100 miles per hour with the cops on your rear, then launching a risky maneuver that the police are too timid to try is where the exhilaration comes from in this particular game. You got to be ready to make that bold move and put your driving skills to the test. If you can successfully do that, you are clear.

There is also a multiplayer aspect available to Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Although previous NFS games had offered multiplayer game, this time out the developers have upgraded this offering to allow a maximum of 12 players. Many critics claim that it is comparable to Easy Drive from Burnout Paradise, wherein players can drive freely around a massive environment. As you go along, it is also possible to take out other players off the picture. When you are satisfied with your driving spree, you will then head to a designated lobby and pick other events that you can participate in along with the other racers.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted offer a wide range of multiplayer events to choose from that include standards like straight races, and unconventional ones like longest jump or points battles. These multiplayer games will require take down as part of your strategy for winning, though. Every player, therefore, has to make a decision on whether to take down their opponents or make a good run for themselves in order to achieve the best possible score.

The possibilities are endless with the gameplay for Need for Speed: Most Wanted on the PS3. It is an exhilarating game that aims to bring the franchise up another notch, just like what its predecessors had done. The use of licensed cars and cops into the formula help to bring more excitement. If it were proof of how promising this game is going to be, many critics have pegged this as a polished version of Burnout Paradise, another entry from Criterion Games. If you want the standard NFS goodness with a bit of an arcade vibe, this game is a surefire hit!

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