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Sony and Polyphony Digital tear up the track again in the true sequel to Gran Turismo 4!

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Gran Turismo 5 including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Gran Turismo 5 looks like, cheats for Gran Turismo 5 and gameplay tips too.

Gran Turismo 5 is a Sony PlayStation 3 Car Racing game, written by Polyphony Digital.

Guide to Gran Turismo 5 on the PlayStation 3

Gran Turismo 5 literally had fans waiting in agony as the title saw a series of delays and other mishaps along the way, which caused its release to be pushed further back than originally scheduled. Meanwhile, the wait itself seems eternal such that fans of the series on the PS3 were left to question as to when they could finally race on Gran Turismo 5, which has been hailed by critics, fans, and developers at Polyphony Digital themselves, as the ultimate racing simulator of this gaming generation. Regardless of the hype, demos, and previews featured for the game, there is nothing that would make up for the raw racing experience that the full game is capable of delivering, or at least so the fans believe and hope for. And upon the initial build showcased in various press events for Gran Turismo 5, you can delight in the fact that the game is quickly looking to be worth the wait.

GT Prologue was released earlier for the PS3 and is indicative of where the next installment, Gran Turismo 5, is headed. The developers at Polyphony Digital seem able to optimize that development period to completely rework the physics and driving engine, especially knowing that this game has a huge shoe to fill in. Do expect Gran Turismo 5 to blow you away once it finally speeds its way onto the PS3 this year.

Gran Turismo 5 locks you into the professional driving setting and you will notice that the gameplay exemplify these characteristics quite well. However, there is a standard setting for the final version that will require less demanding steering input, making it a welcome game for all skill level of gamers. And speaking of steering, Gran Turismo 5 is quite a huge leap from past games. It is more touch-sensitive, in a good way. The game therefore responds realistically to your steering commands for a smooth action. It offers extensive benefits to your gameplay such that you can dig in a steep curve, but you must also be wary of over steering in Gran Turismo 5 since it could easily swing your vehicle off-track.

A reliable complement to the steering mechanic in Gran Turismo 5 is its impeccable tire-to-road handling system. This new handling model was indeed full effect and evident with this game, such that it was a joy to handle different cars in the game even at the tightest section. You will find your car bite, lunge, or roll in response to the steering input each player makes during various racing events. That level of realism and depth to controlling your vehicle is surely one of the strongest points for Gran Turismo 5.

If there is one feature in Gran Turismo 5 that was more talked about than anything else, it would have to be the lineup of car models accessible to gamers. Initially, about 700 cars were revealed for the game until Kazunori Yamauchi himself revealed during the Tokyo Game Show 09 that the game will officially have over 950 licensed cars in the game. Thus, you can expect to find virtually any type of car your heart desire in Gran Turismo 5 to deliver a customized racing experience. Leading manufacturers such as Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Ferrari are spearheading this game's impressive car list. For Bugatti and Lamborghini though, it will mark their first appearance to the PS3 franchise since they were introduced in the PSP version of Gran Turismo. Aside from commercially manufactured car models, Yamauchi also promised hybrid and electric cars to be showcased in Gran Turismo 5, such as the ones from Tesla Roadster.

Although not as extensive as the car list in Gran Turismo 5, there is enough track variation to make each racing experience unique from the previous one. There are 20 total different locations confirmed for the title, but with the variations and customization features available for you to take advantage of, it brings the total tracks to as much as 70. You can expect quite a few tracks from GT 4 to make a return for this iteration, but you will also get a good mix of real life-inspired tracks, as well as some fictional ones in Gran Turismo 5 for your enjoyment. Some of the tracks confirmed for the final game include Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Daytona International Speedway, and Nurburgring Nordschleife. Two new city circuits were also available for you to race on in Gran Turismo 5, namely Madrid and Rome.

Since Kazunori Yamauchi emphasized the need for realism from the get-go, Gran Turismo 5 showcases a realistic physics engine and damage model. Both mechanical and external damage has been confirmed for the game, as well as interior damage. With a commitment to realism, you can witness drastic damage to your car depending on the collision incurred on-course. One emphasis that Yamauchi placed with Gran Turismo 5's damage model is more than just cosmetics. It generates physics to the hilt such that you can experience bent suspension arm, vehicle's body being deformed, and loss of engine power due to on-track collision and other such crash. Depending on the extent of the impact, the damage is realistically rendered to make everything feel proper instead of frustrating.

Customization has always been a huge aspect of the series and even more so with Gran Turismo 5. You have more options to tinker with and fashion your sim racing experience according to your liking. With a head tracking feature unveiled for the game, you can utilize the PlayStation Eye such that you simply have to move your head to navigate the 3D cockpit view instead of using the controller buttons. This will provide you more control over your viewing angle in Gran Turismo 5, so you can clearly see the track and assess your chances in the ongoing race.

There are also a bountiful of extras to expect in Gran Turismo 5, further enriching an already potent racing experience. One of the most notable would be the online races that offers you with fully fleshed online play setup and providing a 16-player capability. Among the features you can expect for Gran Turismo 5's online play would be voice chat, online photo album, online replay album, open lobby, and an ability to upload your replays to YouTube. There is also a wide assortment of modes to choose from such that you can take on different challenges and provide diversity to your gameplay, such as GT Mode, Theater Mode, Arcade Mode, and the same mode featured in some of the demos, which is Time Trial Challenge.

On top of an impeccable gameplay performance, Gran Turismo 5 isn't done impressing its fans yet since the graphics for the game often leaves gamers at awe. You can enjoy an amazing view of the track from behind the steering wheel and it is impressive how the tire reacts to any imperfections on the road, sending shocks all over the vehicle's body. The authenticity of the game atmosphere is probably the best visual feature of the game with both tracks and cars serving as a focal point for the title. The fact that Gran Turismo 5 is also being offered in 3D enables you to plunge this franchise forward with an even more impressive visual technology, really suited for a next-gen racing experience. On the other hand, you can produce your own custom soundtracks in the game by uploading music saved onto your PS3 hard drive, instead of being forced to listen to songs input by either Sony or Polyphony Digital for a more inspired race.

When Polyphony Digital promised fans that Gran Turismo 5 will be brand-new and better, they made good on that promise such that this game is nearly flawless. If you own a PS3, then this might be one of the best years for your entire gaming experience as Gran Turismo 5 sets new racing standard that is surely quite hard to match.

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