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Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten

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Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten website

Disgaea 4 is a sequel to Disgaea, a hardcore, turn-based, strategy RPG popular on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten looks like, cheats for Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten and gameplay tips too.

Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten is a Sony PlayStation 3 Strategy RPG game, written by Nippon Ichi Software.

Guide to Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten on the PlayStation 3

Developer Nippon Ichi Software partners with NIS America to bring fans the all-new Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten to the PS3 this coming September 2011. With this strategy/RPG game's invasion into the scene, there are plenty to look forward to for the fans of the original series. If you would like to know whether this game should be included in your 2011 collection, read on below to find out more information.

The story for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is focused on a vampire known as Valvatorez who is a warden from Hell. The story begins after Valvatorez discovers that the government is suffering from corruption, so he goes out on a quest with a werewolf buddy in order to straighten things out. There is an interesting plot going on here but there are also comical twists to the plot. After all, the franchise had never been known for offering compelling storylines but more so with its hardcore RPG combat. More on the gameplay later, though. This is an all-new story with brand new content so there is a lot in store here even for fans that have played the franchise for years!

The world wherein Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is set is tumultous yet there is a bunch of exciting features to look forward to. For instance, you can explore Item World, a mini world created specifically for storing your items and other pieces of equipment you might need for the game. So, make sure to dive in and explore the choices available to your heart's content, depending on what the game calls for.

Another exciting feature for gamers who would like to tweak things on their own is the Map Editor. This particular feature in Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is ideal for those who want to create their own maps. In fact, you can even share your creation to your friends via the PlayStation Network, or access creations from other users as well. You can make it as tough as possible, which provides you with almost an unlimited choices of maps to play through. One thing to note then is that these Disgaea games are known to involve a lot of micromanagement, so you can expect the same with this one.

When it comes to the gameplay for Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, it is all about the battle system that has been tried and trusted over the years. A revamped graphic engine helps to give this game an updated look. The battle configuration for this PS3 title is also easy to grasp, such that even first time players will find themselves easily adjusted and familiar with it. In fact, there is no major difference with any other strategy game in the market today. You can use your base panel to designate fighters and clerics onto the field. You can dispatch a total of 10 characters to the field at any given time, so it should be fairly easy to manage as well.

The developers predict the overall playing hours could last for up to 40 hours. However, that would be assuming that the player will stick with the main storyline and follow their path from there. Given that there are also side quests and missions to complete along the way, then you can add a few more hours into that. In fact, some would claim that you can spend a total of 200-300 hours to complete the entire game.

Some other notable features about Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten is the Weapon Mastery feature. In here, you can manage all of your weapons in the game wherein you can store them and level up as you unlock more skills. In addition, you can also unlock new attacks into your arsenal so you can be as powerful as possible in defeating your opponents. You can also use your skills and tools to train your army and make them better equipped to fight your opponents. Your ability to explore these various features can make the difference in succeeding in this game.

If you are interested in this game, then watch out for its September 2011 release date. The improved graphic engine, traditional and proven combat system, along with the other features incorporated into Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten make it one of the most promising titles this year. If you opt to pick up the game this summer, you will find yourself stuck in the gaming room spending countless of hours on your controller!

Disgaea 4 A Promise Unforgotten Game Features

Bigger, funnier, and better than ever before!
More levels, more features, more customization options, improved visuals, deeper strategy, and a hilarious new cast make Disgaea 4 the biggest and best Disgaea game yet!

Completely redrawn artwork, now in 1080p!
Takehito Harada's beloved artwork is completely redone and reanimated to take advantage of the highest resolution possible. The lovable world of Disgaea has never looked better!

Share your stats and data with friends online!
Compare your game data with your friends over the internet and figure out who the master strategist among you is.

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