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At a time when scientific advancements are routinely turning athletes, soldiers and spies into super-enhanced beings, someone is working very hard to ensure evolution follows a particular path. You need to discover why

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Deus Ex Human Revolution including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Deus Ex Human Revolution looks like, cheats for Deus Ex Human Revolution and gameplay tips too.

Deus Ex Human Revolution is a Sony PlayStation 3 Action game, written by Eidos Montreal.

Guide to Deus Ex Human Revolution on the PlayStation 3

Eidos Montreal, the studio behind the development of Deus Ex Human Revolution, has made it clear right from the very beginning that it is part of their goal to retain the gameplay element that fans loved about the original Deus Ex game. For those who have seen the initial demo for the sequel, the development team can be proud to say that their goal was met. In fact, the sequel is even poised to perform much better than its predecessor, which is helpful for the series to reach a whole new stage.

One of the highlights of the series is the open-ended nature to it. Hence, the developers are hoping to incorporate more of the same with Deus Ex Human Revolutions such that there is no set or defined manner of tackling through the game objectives and navigating your way through the game world map. The player will carry all the decisions that are to be made such that you will also be the one to face the consequences for your in-game decisions.

The biggest aspect of playing with a multi-ended type of game such as Deus Ex Human Revolutions is the ability to deal with conflict in a variety of ways. In addition, you can mix and match with your approach that will get the job done. You can also adjust the pace accordingly, instead of you adjusting to the pace of the game. A little creativity can therefore take you a long way in this game, so be free to take on whatever path that will open itself up into this game.

The demo shown for game reviewers in Deus Ex Human Revolutions offered one scenario with three different methods of approaching it. This will basically represent the various approaches that you can use for the game, but these are just basic representation and you are free to come up with your own unique approach.

The first possible approach in Deus Ex Human Revolutions involves full-on combat. In most games, your best bet at getting out of tricky situations alive are weapons and blast at anyone that tries to come in between achieving your goal. The main character, Jensen, is chased down by the entire police force after he refuses to heed his command to back off. There is a quick exchange of fire but you have to keep up to take out the cops. Thankfully, you can use weapon enhancement to attach your frag grenade with a mine and break through doors. It should be a lot of fun too in order to built a frontal assault that will take down your enemies in a shorter amount of time.

The second possible approach that you can use for Deus Ex Human Revolutions involve the use of social skills. In this case, you walk around instead of beginning to shoot at your enemies. Instead of running off from the cop when he is warned to stop, you are convinced into the cop desk wherein you engage in a conversation with them and discover that the two actually have history. There are options presented by the game that will enable Jense to guide his way through this conversation. At this point itself, there are three possible options to choose from in the dialogue: Crush, Absolve, or Plead. Each of your choices will determine the mood that is created during that conversation and uncover more story elements.

The final approach shown in the demo for Deus Ex Human Revolutions is to use the stealth approach. Avoidance or moving around in a sneaky manner wherein you let the guards pass before you make your move. This is where you can make use of jump augmentations and acquired strength to get to the back of the station. When Jensen discovers that the door is locked, you are compelled to do some hacking. This is a puzzle game that requires you to capture nodes and basically represents mini games that must be completed throughout the game. You can also increase the amount of experience points obtained by your character during this particular mission.

The beauty with the open-ended and multi-solution approach to playing Deus Ex Human Revolutions is indeed one of a kind. You have to make the choice that will determine the actions that other key characters in the story will have to make. For this reason alone, this game will surely add another unique experience for the PS3 gamers with such a rich narrative and complex way to deal with the story. In fact, it will also help to boost the replay value of this game such that you can experiment with using different approaches with each play through.

Deus Ex Human Revolution Game Features

The long-awaited return of the award winning franchise that blends the best of Action and RPG: the perfect mix of combat, stealth, hacking, and social gameplay.
Play as Adam Jensen, a mechanically augmented agent: customize and upgrade your character with more than 50 unique augmentations that support your style of play.
Deadly weapons: Over 20 available weapons, each with their own customizable elements.
Fight enemies including dangerous thugs, augmented special operations soldiers, advanced robots; and engage in epic boss battles.
Live the reactive and dangerous world: your choices will have consequences in the game's world.
Play in an open-ended world: there are always multiple solutions to every challenge.
Engage the unique Cyber Renaissance setting: discover a unique world that blends near future and Renaissance elements.
Travel the world: visit multiple unique locations across the globe each with their own design, story and gameplay elements.
Become involved in vast global conspiracy: unravel the story - discover who you can really trust.
Decide humanity's future: the decision you make and the actions you take will lead to an ultimate decision on mankind's future.

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