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Play as Death in this sequel to the hit action game by THQ.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Darksiders II including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Darksiders II looks like, cheats for Darksiders II and gameplay tips too.

Darksiders II is a Sony PlayStation 3 Action game, written by Vigil Games.

Guide to Darksiders II on the PlayStation 3

In Darksiders II, developer Vigil Games is set on bringing fans for a thrill ride in a hardcore action title. The story aims to follow the story of Death, who is one of four horsemen that were featured in the Apocalypse. His journey promises to be a weaving tale that will have fans glued to their PS3 from start to finish. For those who've played the original Darksiders game, it is also pleasing to note that the two stories are parallel, which means that is more reason to look forward to the new game.

If you know the story to the first Darksiders, you know that this is going to be a rough journey ahead in the game. A few moments since the events of the second game has commenced, an early apocalypse took place due to some supernatural forces and this caused a destruction in humanity. The changes to the cosmic order brings about more damage to the rest of the world and the Four Horsemen were quickly to be blamed for these series of events, particularly with War.

This is where your adventure begins in Darksiders II for the PS3. You will be taking on the role of Death and you need to get to the root of all these events and strange happenings in the game. Of course, you will be overcoming a few battles along the way many of them, in fact.

Death has played a significant role in various literary and cultural works. Hence, it will be interesting to see how big of an impact he is going to make in this game. The game deviates from trying to classify Death, however, but rather depicts it as it is part of the natural order of things in life. However, the early apocalypse that took place at the beginning of the game created an upset with the balance of things and life. This does not stop Death from trying to avenge his brother, War, and clear his name from the accusations made against him.

Playing Darksiders II on the PS3 will clearly show you how differently the respective characters play through the game world. War is best known for his power, which is manifested also physically by his big and bulky frame. On the flip side, Death is fast and this agility enables him to navigate the game's physical obstacles with precision and ease.

When you are playing as Death in Darksiders II, you will be losing out on brute strength and the ability to block. But due to his quickness, he is able to escape enemies and other tight situations quite easily. You can therefore use this ability to dodge any attacks sent by enemies and make a quick counter while the enemy is still vulnerable. This is where Death's skill plays a crucial role as the ability to chain combos can determine your success during combat.

A pair of scythes will serve as Death's main weapon in this game. However, you will be getting your hands on secondary weapons as you progress. Among them are a pistol, claw, and a giant hammer. And if you're lucky, you might also be able to try out one of Strife's guns. The range of the pistol makes up for its inability to cause real damage, which is useful when you are trying to hit enemies at a distance. On top of all these weapons, the spell-casting ability of Death is another useful tool he can use to his advantage.

Vigil Games tried to establish right off the bat what Death can do (and what he can't). But in an effort to help you adjust play according to playing style, Vigil Games has also incorporated a number of customization options in the game. It should be exciting to see how every individual approach plays out as you maximize the tools, abilities, and weapons available to him.

When Darksiders first made its way into the gaming world, it was basically an unknown. In fact, many were quite blown away by its characters and the game world. And yet, it was a huge success that the sequel was highly anticipated and with this brand new expansion, fans will get more of the same aggressive, gory, and hard core action they have come to enjoy.

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