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Cross Edge PS3 PlayStation3 Playstation 3 PS 3

Cross Edge

Welcome to our Cross Edge website.

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Cross Edge website

Nippon Ichi Software, Capcom, Namco Bandai, Gust, and Idea Factory have joined forces to create a Strategy RPG unlike any other.

We have gathered together the best information currently available for Cross Edge including , an article detailing all of it's main features, reviews written by readers just like you, screenshots to show you exactly what Cross Edge looks like, cheats for Cross Edge and gameplay tips too.

Cross Edge is a Sony PlayStation 3 Strategy RPG game, written by Compile Heart.

Guide to Cross Edge on the PlayStation 3

Cross Edge is the latest Japanese RPG to hit Sony's next-gen console and it is doing so with a bang. This game borrows from some of the most famous gaming personalities brought together by different franchises in the Japanese gaming scene, so all fans of the JRPG genre should be smiling right now.

The story of Cross Edge begins in a surreal manner and it will slowly unfold what the premises of the game world are. Miko is the main character in Cross Edge and she starts off by delivering a monologue that discloses about forgotten thoughts. At this stage of the game you are already given hints about the world of Cross Edge, where all of people's lost thoughts and ideas go. After the cinematic is through, you will be introduced into the next scene that shows York together with Miko, wherein both awakens to find themselves in an unfamiliar territory. As York and Miko continue on their quest, you will basically learn how Cross Edge establishes soul searching as an integral part of the plot. However, that will only serve as background in this game as the story is not as important as the battle system is.

The environment in Cross Edge is depicted in 3D visuals with a few sprites of 2D characters. Therefore, it is very reminiscent of other NIS titles such as Disgaea. Speaking of characters, this is probably what makes Cross Edge the most unique title to ever make it into the gaming industry. First of all, its storyline is quite intricate as it features an assemblage of various character and favorites from various developers. Among the characters you will see in this game are Disgaea's Etna, Mana Khemia 2's Raze, Ar Tonelico: Melody of Elemia's Misha, and Spectral Souls' Zelos.

The overall gameplay for Cross Edge can be over-the-top at times, but spriteful, colorful and extravagant. Credit most of that to the compelling artistic effect incorporated in the game and an impressive battle mechanic that will serve as the gist of the title. There is one major hurdle that gamers would have to overcome in this game: the overall system is complicated and will require a certain period of play through in order to get yourself familiarized.

The battle system in Cross Edge feels like an incorporation of various elements of your typical RPG. At its core this battle system is a hybrid as it takes out elements of the grid combat and combines it with the classic combat elements. The first step to combat in Cross Edge is for you to arrange your crews via grid. Short-range characters will be positioned in the front line while the long range characters are placed at the back.

During battle, the screen is split into two such that your characters take one side while the enemies take on the other half of the screen. Each of these groups have their own movement cap available and is limited to the space available in the grid. When it is a fighter's turn to execute their own attack, there are assigned face buttons to activate a given set of fighting skills. However, Action Points (AP) is a basic requirement in order for you to execute as many attacks as you want.

After one character has spent all of his/her AP and they are finished with their string of attacks, simply switch onto the next fighter on the lineup. To do this, simply press R1 or L1 to continue on with the string of attacks. If you are not finding this system interesting enough for Cross Edge, then there is always the possibility of launching combination attacks. To chain an attack together to execute a combo, simply execute your attacks in a specified order. By using combos, you can certainly create more damage on your enemies than you would with a regular type of attack.

Since your set of attacks and skills are vital during combat in Cross Edge, it is important to delve on them much deeper. During an encounter with your enemies, you would have to utilize all four face buttons. As long as you have enough power and skill, executing a combo attack is always possible. Each character in Cross Edge are therefore assigned with a set of skills, abilities, and Action Points to begin with.

With the battle screen split in half, Cross Edge features not just a regular turn-based system. First and foremost, there is a timer involved. Therefore, once you have initiated an attack, the countdown timer starts ticking. During this period, you can execute as many attacks as you want. When the time is over, it is the enemy's turn to do some damage. Switching from one character to another within your party is possible, but this is not allowed in the middle of a character's execution of attacks. Going first can prove to be advantageous, although your success rate is determined by how much AP is available to each character.

On top of an intense battle system, Cross Edge features an extensive synthesizing system. If you've been following the Atelier Iris series, then you should be familiar with this item crafting system, which is quite intricate to do. As you might know with any system of item creation or invention, it is always a time-consuming process that requires a fair amount of attention. Aside from spending the bulk of your time battling enemies in Cross Edge, you can also expect to spend a good deal of time synthesizing items. Make sure to gather any items you find during your exploration since you'll never know when they might come handy during your alchemy. It should be fun creating all these items or building unusual weapons you can use in battle, such that your enemies would have no way of defending themselves against it.

With an intense battle system and powerful chain of attacks, it is only necessary that special attention be given to the visuals of Cross Edge. However, like the characters and battle system itself, Cross Edge seems to be technically a mixed bag. There is a tendency for the game characters to jump, especially during dialogue mode. Even the audio can be overblown at times, and in another minute it can be way beyond the typical game standards. It can be understandably due to the fact that it is hard to incorporate all these different game characters together but what it lacks in the technical department, it does make up for one compelling combat that hooks you from the get-go.

PS3 owners who happen to be fans of the JRPG genre will get the same old feel with lots of noteworthy features. For those who are getting their feel of the JRPG genre for the first time, it is going to be a difficult but rewarding experience and if you are going to be introduced to JRPG at all, then might as well it be with Cross Edge.

Cross Edge Game Features

Cross Edge combines classic RPG combat with a grid-based Strategy RPG combat to create a hybrid battle system. In combat, a square grid will appear beneath the units. Some units are better at close combat and others at a distance, so players must strategically move their units to battle enemies.
In combat, some units can toss up enemies and chain combo various moves for extra damage, like in a fighting game.
By using characters from Gust titles, players can use alchemy to craft weapons.
Change costumes to increase character’s stats and abilities, and in some cases “revealing” cut scenes.
Explore dungeons to run, jump and attack.

Have You Played Cross Edge on the PS3?

We would love to hear what you thought of Cross Edge after playing it for at least a day. Your view will help other PS3 owners decide if they should buy Cross Edge. click here to send us your PS3 Cross Edge comments.

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