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Child of Eden thrusts the player into the center of a battle to save Project Lumi, a mission to reproduce a human personality inside Eden, the archive of all human memories.

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Child Of Eden is a Sony PlayStation 3 Shooter game, written by Q Entertainment.

Guide to Child Of Eden on the PlayStation 3

Child of Eden, which is pegged for release sometime September for the PS3, is dubbed as the successor to a similar on-rails shape-shooter Rez that last released around 10 years ago. Today, this new game represents a whole new game with as much similarities as there are differences to its predecessor but nonetheless promises to offer a blissful play. Make sure to pack on your glosticks and don't let go of your colored Biros for this one is looking to be an exhilarating adventure on Sony's next-gen console.

Child of Eden for the PS3 is created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi, who was also responsible for Rez. The game is developed by the Q Entertainment team and Ubisoft will handle the publishing for this game. It was initially announced during the pre-E3 press conference hosted by Ubisoft. Although it is released later than Rez, the developers claim that this new title is actually a prequel to the famous game. It is also one of the few games that will provide support for the PlayStation Move and will serve as the standard controller for this game.

The story for Child of Eden is about a player with an objective to save Project Lumi. This particular project is already nearing its completion but is being threatened by a virus attack. The Project Lumi is very important as it can help reproduce human personality in the world of Eden, which represents an artificial intelligence that was also the same setting for Rez. The opening of the game is one of its few disappointing qualities, though. This one looks a lot like a high-end shampoo commercial and the story is not the strongest element of this game either. That is pretty much the premise of the story.

That does not mean though that there won't be enough motivation to play Child of Eden on your PS3. Still, a strong story would have made it more resilient in the gaming market. As for the gameplay, it is very reminiscent of the same gameplay featured in Rez. In fact, it is virtually a remake! It is based on shooting at various targets that appear on the screen and whenever you successfully hit an object, it will result to a musical effect leading up to the destruction of the object. There are two options available when shooting: lock-on and vulcano cannon. In the lock-on function, you will be able to expect the same kind of gameplay in Rez wherein you can focus your aim on a target. Meanwhile, the vulcano cannon lets you shoot at a target by automatically releasing a series of bullets, which saves you time from reloading in between. Child of Eden features a no-damage difficulty level that encourages every gamer to play for pure pleasure only, and not having to worry about every move you make along the way.

There are various levels to play in Child of Eden for the PS3. There are 5 levels, or Archives as they are called in the game, all in all: 1) Beauty, 2) Evolution, 3) Journey, 4) Matrix, and 5) Passion. The best thing about these levels is that each one contain a unique visual theme, so going through each levels feel completely new and different from each other. You can replay through each of these levels because there are different choices and paths you can take, as compared to your previous run. All of these factors deliver a high replay value for this game. All players are therefore advised to explore many of the choices and paths available in the game to bring about different styles of play.

Although the PlayStation Move is the main controller fro Child of Eden on the PS3, there is an option available to revert to the old control pad, if you wish. But that would be questionable given how smooth and sharp the motion control feels with this game. The gesture-control system is well implemented in Child of Eden, so controlling your player feels a lot like intuitive. This is one of many reasons why the game easily becomes absorbing.

When you near the end of a level, everything seem to come into a conclusion. The music also deserves some praise in Child of Eden, which helps to add to the excitement level of this game, especially near the end wherein you can experience a joyful climax. The game visuals is also way up there in quality, making it more of an “experience” and not just a “game”. There is no doubt plenty of stuffs to find in the world of Child of Eden, all of which makes it a generally satisfying game that you can't allow to pass up.

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